Everyone can be an investor!

Invest small amounts of money and watch it grow to achieve your dreams. We are currently in stealth mode, but feel free to reach out for more information.

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Start your investing journey through Niffli today

Imagine if you could invest just the amount of a coffee every week and watch it grow. And if you could do that easily and cheaply.

We allow you to invest small change into your Niffli account. Imagine investing $5 you spend on coffee into your investment account. When your Niffli account hits $30, we invest this in liquid assets in the market and give you market returns. You can withdraw money from your Niffli account anytime. Niffli will be free for you to use for the first 6 months and then we will start charging you a $1 a month. It's very simple and easy.

Why should you start now? Because your money will grows exponentially. If you invest $5 a week for $20 years, you would have invested $5200, but see a return of over $9000. This is how much you make investing just $5 a week:


20 years


30 years


40 years


50 years

The Product

We provide users an easy, convenient way to start investing small amounts of money. Imagine you could invest a cup of coffee every week and see that grow. We are building a micro-investment platform that will allow you to begin your investment journey in an easy and intuitive way. You invest your small change into your personal PiggyVest account, when it hits $30, we invest in the market and give you market returns. When an investor starts investing only $5 a week for the next 40 years with a market return of 5%, their piggyvest account would have reached $32,978.34 and they would have made $22,578.34.

The team

We are a team of dynamic four graduate students at Stanford. We have an eclectic experience in banking, consulting, high-tech and fin-tech.

We will keep you posted


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